it all started on my sixteenth birthday when my dad gifted me a nikon d50 - my first ever "real" camera. i was probably super annoying because i took photos of everything; the shadow of grass on a sidewalk, my dogs, my sister, etc. 

that same year, i enrolled in a photography course at my high school which inspired me to no end. we used a dark room to develop our own work and were constantly pushed to think outside the box. we made our own pinhole cameras out of coffee cans and (somehow) my work was chosen for a local art show and won third place.

a year or so later, my uncle sent me his film set-up consisting of an olympus om-1 35mm camera. i discovered the true magic of film - the uncertainty of the outcome, the constant reminder it gives you to slow down, and the unspoken ability it has to make you feel something.

of course everyone was shooting digital when i finally told myself - "this is what you want to be and do - go for it." i researched just about every camera out there and decided to purchase the fuji xt-1, yes, a mirrorless camera system. 

my business took off after a lot of hard work and dedication. i started booking clients, getting referrals, and my dreams were coming true.

it's so funny how things can come full circle. what led me to film in the beginning was a hungry mindset for knowledge and inspiration and those passions led me right back to where i started almost 6 years later.

now, i shoot primarily on film because it gives me joy. it asks me to slow down and think. it allows me to connect more with my clients. it inspires me to think outside the box. most of all, it always makes me feel something.

my photography story

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