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Hey there, I'm Rachel!

I've been photographing since my sophomore year in high school back in 2008 and started my professional career a year after I graduated Auburn in 2015.

I live with my wonderful husband, Johnny, in Huntsville, Alabama. We have an ever-curious cat, Miss Marple, who is always solving mysteries around the house and a sweet maltipoo, Millie, who loves to play catch and sit on your lap.

When I'm not behind the camera, you can find me at local arts and crafts shows, hanging out with friends and most likely walking around Target.

I'm obsessed with all things vintage and retro and I'm still hoping that one day my house will look like Joanna Gaines touched it.

I've always enjoyed meeting new people and would love to grab coffee or drinks with you! Email me and let's set something up!

a few of my
 favorite things

Old cities, vines on buildings, anything vintage with a story.
Basically visiting Charleston is my dream.

a few of my
 favorite things

Millie, our maltipoo. She loves to go on walks, play tug-o-war and sit on your lap for hours.

a few of my
favorite things

Miss Marple, our adopted shelter cat. She was named after the infamous Agatha Christie detective; she's always solving mysteries around the house including her favorites: The Mystery of the Open Cupboard and Can I Fit into this Box?

a few of my
favorite things

Ice Cream...and really anything that comes in Mint Chocolate Chip or is in the chocolate family. Guilty of a sweet tooth!

a few of my
 favorite things

Traveling with my husband! We loved CuraƧao for our honeymoon and are hoping to visit Europe together one day!

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