Rachel Carter is a film photographer based in Huntsville, Alabama. She travels all over the Southeast to document intimate weddings, elopements, portraits, and lifestyle / branding work.

A little bit about my work:


Magnolia Rouge

Belle Lumière

The White Wren

A Coastal Bride

Hi there, I'm Rachel - an Alabama native located in the Tennessee valley, at the foothills of the Appalachian mountains. If I'm not behind my camera, I can usually be found at local arts & crafts fairs, farmers markets, and antique shops. I'm married to my college sweetheart and together we have our cute maltipoo, Millie, and our adopted shelter cat, Miss Marple. I would hate to live without: slow mornings with homemade brunch, walks through local parks, creamer in my coffee, and all things antiquarian and vintage.

Almost all of the photos on my website and in my portfolio were photographed using a film camera.

The photographs I capture require a different process than digital cameras; I mail the film to a lab where it is then developed in a dark room and scanned into a computer. I then receive the scanned film files in my inbox. I shoot film because I love it - it produces colors and tones that are unmatched on digital, it carries a dreamy aesthetic that cannot be replicated, and it is a craft that requires time and intention. I want to create the best work for my clients - photographs that will adorn walls and coffee tables and not be forgotten on an outdated computer.

film: a thin flexible strip of plastic or other material coated with light-sensitive emulsion for exposure in a camera, used to produce photographs or motion pictures.