Farm to Table Elopement

Oh, this farm to table elopement. And film.

I know everyone always talks about how magical film is — how you can hold it in your hands, wrap the roll around the spool and create something 100% tangible with it. What they say is true, it is magic. It’s also wonderful because it’s alive in a sense — it changes and morphs as soon as chemicals touch it. So, there’s an organic beauty to film that matches this elopement more than I could imagine. Organic things are imperfect — which, to me, makes them even more beautiful.

There’s always been a special place in my heart for farmland. I guess you could say that’s where I find peace, joy and all things wonderful. I feel the same way when I look at these images from Courtney and Cody’s farm to table elopement. The quaint table for two with a simple, graceful set up, the raw edges of the barn matching the torn edges of Cahaburn’s beautiful handwritten vows. Apple pie on a platter, Courtney’s elegant braided bun by Megan Maier, and that colorful vegetable bouquet that’s every simple girl’s dream — you can’t go wrong with no-frills and timeless, friends. Ya just can’t.


Vendors: Cahaburn | Megan Maier | PhotoVision Prints | DivineJewel


As Seen on: The White Wren


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