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Ohio’s Old Slate Farm

On a trip up to Columbus, Ohio, Johnny and I stopped by Old Slate Farm in Mount Vernon where I became an Ohio photographer for a day 😉 There, you can find Katie and Brad, living in their historic home with a pasture full of sheep and a flower farm out back. To say I was in heaven is an understatement!

Katie and I have been following each other for a while on Instagram. It was so refreshing and lovely to finally meet an online friend and have them turn into one in real life. If you’re ever in the Ohio neighborhood, I highly advise planning a meeting with Katie, and if you’re an Ohio bride… I believe you’ve found where your florals should come from! I am happy to drive back as an Ohio photographer at any time!

Thank you, Katie, for the hellebore and bouquet of flowers, and for just being the coolest. Of course I brought my camera along to snap some memories, and here’s the beauty I get to stare at forever:


Holga 120N Sheep Farm Black and White

Katahdin Sheep Farm Ohio

Alabama Photographer Farm on Film

Alabama Wedding Photographer Farm with Sheep

Columbus Ohio Photographer

Old Slate Farm Ohio Photographer

Mount Vernon Ohio Old Slate Farm

Katahdin Sheep

TriX 400 Holga 120N

Colorful Pansies

Pansies Planted

Vintage Door Floral Studio

Old Slate Farm Florals

Alabama Wedding Photographer Huntsville

Katie Old Slate Farm Floral Bouquets

Dahlias on Film

Flowers on Film Alabama Photograhper

Flowers on Film Wedding Photographer

Cat eating out of bowl

Huntsville Photographer

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